Group Class Request

What is PTC Group Class?
PTC Group Class is the option where you can request to hire Professional Training Center (PTC) Insurance and Securities School to go and teach live lecture pre-licensing insurance classes to your city.
Why is PTC offering this Group classes?
PTC is offering these group classes due to many request that PTC received to bring its services to other cities in Washington where pre-licensing insurance live lectures are not available.
Are PTC Group Classes availabe only in Washington?
At this moment the PTC Group Classes are only available in Washington State.
How PTC Group Class Request works?
PTC Group Class request is the form located at bottom of this page that you need to fill to contact PTC about you or your company wanting to have a live lecture class, by submiting the request you are allowing PTC to contact you to get more information about the date, time, company and city where you like to hold the class.
How much is the cost for the PTC Group Class?
The cost of the PTC Group Class depends on the city where the class will be hold and the amount of students.